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Claudius Law Offices advises clients in all matters regarding employment relations. We prepare the necessary documents (employment contract, collective agreement, organization of work, warning, declaration of cancellation, etc). We represent both employers and employees before the Labour Dispute Committee and/or court and negotiate to reach an extrajudicial solution. We help you resolve legal matters regarding staff recruitment, mandatory registrations and work permits. The lawyers of Claudius Law Office also carry out trainings regarding employment rights.

Pursuant to The Constitution of the Republic of Estonia § 29 every citizen of Estonia is entitled to freely choose his or her area of activity, profession and position of employment. Unless otherwise provided by law, citizens of foreign states and stateless persons in Estonia enjoy this right equally with citizens of Estonia. No one may be compelled to perform work or service against his or her free will, except for service in the defence forces or alternative service, or work required to prevent the spread of an infectious disease or to contain a natural disaster or catastrophe, or work which a convicted offender is required to perform according to the law and pursuant to a procedure established by law. Working conditions are overseen by the national government. Everyone is free to belong to unions and federations of employees and employers.

Claudius Law Office will assist you in the following matters:

  • § rights and obligations of employer and employee;
  • § limitations of liability of employee and liability of employer;
  • § preparation, alteration and amendment of documents related to work relations;
  • § entry into employment contract, as well as amendment, cancellation, termination, validity, transfer;
  • § working conditions;
  • § entry into an employment contract with a minor;
  • § precontractual negotiations;
  • § business trip;
  • § duty to maintain confidentiality (industrial or business secret), agreement on restraint of trade clause and contractual penalty;
  • § remuneration system and benefits;
  • § training and expenses for training the employee;
  • § work and rest time, holiday;
  • § disputes related to employment relations;
  • § contracts and remuneration of management and advisory board;
  • § registrations in national registries, taxes;
  • § extraordinary cancellation of employment contract, redundancy, collective cancellation of employment contracts;
  • § living and work permits;
  • § health and safety in the workplace;
  • § data protection and the right to privacy.

In addition, Claudius Law Office will attempt to resolve any other related concerns that the client may have. Our lawyer is always at the client’s disposal. Your confidentiality is paramount to us; disclosure of information to third parties will only be made if it is in the client’s best interests. Don’t hesitate to contact us!

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